My wife Christen traveled the Andes Mountains twice in Peru.
While there, she captured some amazing footage of 
the farming terraces and the ultra step stairs next to them. It will make your
head dizzy in her 84 second trip down the 60 degree stairs.
Yes I said 60 – not 30 or 45 but 60 DEGREES Incline!!

What’s even more amazing is they (Incas) knew how to build terraces on the sides of this steep mountains. Why this is significant is for two reasons:
1.) Each terrace was engineered with large rocks filling the interior of each terraces bottom, then progressively smaller rocks and then sand and topsoil.

2.) The side drainage channels was especially critical on a steep mountain because a few good thunderstorms could easily wash out and destroy the terraces, nor would the crops be properly watered if the 
drainage below their tender roots were not optimal. 

What kind of intelligence when into building such magnificent structures?

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