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"Cy" Kitten Informational Cards


Date Added: Thursday 24 August, 2006

by S. hiela

In response to Paul Spaine
You wrote :

"Most people don't even read books, so if you happen to read your entire Bible, you've clocked up a total of 66 books in one go, and if your Catholic, theres more.
That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.


What makes you think that *most* people do not read books? do you have any source for this factual information, or have you just made it up?
I know loads of people who have read a lot more than 66 books whick is not that impressive really because it just about fills a bookshelf.... there is more to life than reading a bible, sure some people feel the bible is more important than others, that does not make them inferior - not even the non-catholics and non-believers.

You sound similar to a Jehovas witness. Obsessed with a mission.

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