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"Cy" Kitten Informational Cards


Date Added: Sunday 13 August, 2006

by Paul Spaine

In response to Lucifer McSatan
Date Added: Sunday 09 April, 2006
"You people really need to read a book other than that fictional so-called "Bible". Your so-called "evidence of creationism" is nothing more than wishful thinking on the part of a number of superstitious fools."

My response;
Most people don't even read books, so if you happen to read your entire Bible, you've clocked up a total of 66 books in one go, and if your Catholic, theres more.
That’s pretty impressive if you ask me.

As for the fictional so called "Bible", even if it were fictional, it would not be labelled the so called "Bible". But anyway, you are Lucifer, the master deceiver and that’s your job, so my apologies for pulling you up on your ingrained bad habit.

God Bless Bible Lands Studios and your good work.

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