The Days of Noah - DVD

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If your desire is to stay current of the recent developments in the hunt and discovery of Noah's Ark then read on. "The Days of Noah" takes you on a tour around the world as Media Evangelism Ltd. chronicles the quest and exploration of Noah's Ark.

The Hong Kong based Television ministry claims to have found the very spot that the ancient ship now resides. Which they believe is on the western slopes of Mount Ararat in Turkey.

The DVD's content and quality is on par with the Discovery or History channel programs. Past expedition footage, fascinating facts throughout. Add the state-of-the-art graphics this documentary will keep you and your guests glued to the screen and wanting more.

The Days of Noah, is not sold in any store, not available on the Net and will not be broadcasted in the U.S. The only place to obtain a copy is right here.

So be the first to present this incredible history-making documentary to your church, organization or friends.

Title: The Days of Noah
Year: 2005
Format: DVD
Language: English, Mandarin or Cantonese
Running time: 86 minutes
Rated: Unrated
Price: $9.95

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