The Invitation - Bi-Fold Laminate 18"x 11"

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It has all the beauty of a litho print of The Invitation but with a couple added benefits. Printed and laminated for protection is a 18" x 11" bi-fold 2 page art of The Invitation with numbered images and a legend.

First you see the art image printed on the front cover. Inside, on the left panel, there is a key, a complete list of all the interesting figures in the painting. Every person, animal and creature is numbered.

Then on the right panel the people, animals and figures are outlined in black easy to identify and numbered to correspond with the legend.

Is that a Ziggurat smoking atop in the background? What are those 6 small creatures creeping slowly to Ark? Looking to discover the names of the dinosaurs in the painting? Well, wonder no more.

Enjoy the beauty of this panorama of paradise in a format that your guests can pass around the coffee table as you discuss the story of Noah's invitation.

Title: The Invitation
Medium: Bi-fold laminated
Size: 18" x 11"
Price: $30.00
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