The Cape Breton Giant and Other Writings

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This is the life story of the world’s strongest genetic giant, Angus MacAskill. Travel along the coast of Nova Scotia in the mid 1800’s as you learn about the birth, life and death of a truly amazing human being.

A study of Angus gigantic strength, is actually a piece of evidence helping solve the ancient enigma of how megalithic temples and buildings, such a Baalbek, were built 4,000 years ago.

How does a former circus giant help us understand that...?

Reading the feats of superhuman strength of Angus, we can imagine better how impossible mega-ton structures of Baalbek< Lebanon and Cuzco, Peru were built. Moving 1200 ton stones is a bit of a logistical problem for a people who supposedly did not have the wheel. However the deeper into their local legends you go, they themselves tell us who built this massive structures - GIANTS!

Please be advised that not all chapters are directly about Angus, the "other writings" include prose from the author that help cast a flavor on the times and location of Angus’ life. But plenty of the 131 pages will captivate the imagination and aid the reader to realize that Angus could be a glimpse into what humans were like thousands of years ago.

Title: The Cape Breton Giant and Other Writings
Author: James D. Gillis
Year: 2002
Size: 6” x 9”
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 131
Price: $8.95
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