The Gospel In Creation

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This book originally published in 1894, breaks new ground in unfolding the truth of the power of the Gospel. E.J. Waggoner believes God's power to create the universe is the same power He uses to re-create the human heart.

How He speaks a world into existence is the same process He uses to change a person's life. He accomplishes this by His powerful word. The 7-Day week of Creation, found in Genesis, unlocks this hidden truth by showing us the mechanics on how He can apply this creative force in our own characters.

Discover the power of God to redeem and uphold us, by learning the precious lessons from the 7-Day week of creation. Each chapter covers one day of creation and Waggoner expounds, for instance on day 3, how "Let the Earth bring forth grass" pertains to our Christian experience. The connection is practical and astounding!

The author believes God's power to create IS the exact same power to recreate.

This book will forever challenge your understanding of the application of the power of God to renew the mind, give new life and keep one from falling.

Title: The Gospel in Creation
Author: E.J. Waggoner
Year: 1999 reprint of the original 1894
Size: 5.5” x 8.25 ”
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 169
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