The Invitation - Giclee on Canvas 30\" x 60\"

The Invitation - Giclee on Canvas 30" x 60"

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In 1969 Elfred Lee scaled the mountain of Ararat in search of Noah's Ark. The experience was profound as told by Lee. After 3 more attempts to scale the biblical peaks and several interviews with credible eye-witnesses who claimed to have seen and stood on Noah's Ark, Elfred Lee went to work in 2001 to create a masterpiece with historical accuracy, symbolism and a beautiful explosion of color and design.

This limited edition of The Invitation is printed through the Giclee reproduction process on canvas. "Limited Edition." means each print is hand signed by the artist and numbered. There are only 150 prints in the 30" x 60" edition. Once this edition of 150 is sold out, there will be no more made.

Grab a hold of a unique attention getting, conversation starting, snap shot of a pivotal moment in time just before the world-wide flood. Who will listen to Noah, and accept the final call and the invitation?

Title: The Invitation
Artist: Elfred Lee
Medium: Giclee on Canvas
Edition Size: 150
Image Size: 30" x 60"
Year: 2004
Price: $1,495

Artist enhancement option:
Artists are passionate people and when a work of art is completed, many times they'll think of additional improvements that that could have made, before its publication, that would matured or improved the paintings quality.
When you order the "Artist Enhanced" option, your print will be shipped directly to Elfred Lee who will personalize the canvas with acrylic paint. The touch-ups are spectacular and now your print becomes a one- of-a-kind piece of art as well as increasing its value.

Please drop us a note after check out to request any specific enhancements you'd like Elfred to make or you can leave it up to the artist's discretion.
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