Great Controversy (Illustrated Edition)

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The Great Controversy is a divinely inspired and perfectly timed book
originally written in latter part of the 1800’s during the great revival
permeating throughout the United States.

However the author’s message has even more relevance
today than when it was originally published.

Topics of this vital book include:
Gives historical context to all the major religious events from
the time of the fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D. to the second coming of Christ.

Clears up misconceptions on what happens when you die, spiritual mediums and ghosts.

Warns against false revivals, reveals what may appear holy in Christian worship,
but in fact is a clever subterfuge of the devil.

Identifies who or what 666 is and the anti-christ.

Unlocks the meaning of the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

Answers in part why there are so many churches.

Great respect and details of the protestant reformation
are told and how it still affects us today.

The only book other than the Bible that clearly lays out what will
happen in the future and how it affects the Churches,
Governments and the United States.

The only real guide to prepare for Second Coming of Christ.

This is a must read for anyone on the planet.
The New Illustrated Great Controversy is the best of all
the published versions because there are literally hundreds of
photos, illustrations and supplemental material
that adds a tremendous educational immersion, which is awesome!

Title: Great Controversy
Author: Ellen G. White
Year: 1911 reissued in 2019
Size: 9" x 11.75”
Binding: Hardcover
Pages: 576
Price: $24.95

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