64 Secrets Still Ahead of Us

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64 Secrets is a collection of knowledge we once knew...and are now forgotten. Here are a sample of 4 secrets you'll find in this compelling book.

Electricity - Perpetual Lamp able to burn for 2,000 years.
Medical - Skull operations technically superior to our own
Textiles - Cotton grown in various colors
Science - Fire that burns in water

This book challenges the idea of a brutish knuckle dragging humanoid to modern man theory by cataloguing technology, greater to our own today. Academics would like us to think 4,000 ago we were inventing the wheel.

However in this book we find 64 secrets left behind by the
ancients waiting for us to rediscover.
For example:
- Flight powered by mercury
- A container weighing the same whether filled or empty
- The formula for softening rock

What does this all mean...?

Title: 64 Secrets Still Ahead of Us
Author: Johnathan Gray
Year: 2006
Size: 5.5” x 8.5”
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 102
Price: $11.95

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