Chariots of the gods - DVD

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When Sun Classic Pictures released this documentary in 1972, it caught everyone off guard. Without the Internet at our disposal during that time, the startling footage assembled from archeological wonders from all over the world were not what we learned in school.

What author Erich Von Daniken did was introduce another plausible answer to the origins question through with a parade of impossible anomalies in the archeological world.

His premise is simple. He asserts that 5,000 years ago we went from grunting with animal skins to building Egypt - suddenly. How? His conclusion was that an outside intelligence aided our evolution and then give us a leg up on technology.

When you examine the evidence presented, the argument is very compelling and has weight plus it exposes holes in the traditional evolutionary theory. Because it does appear we took a HUGE leap forward technologically. Many examples presented in this 92 minute documentary. For example, How does a near neanderthal move 1,250 ton stones at Baalbek, Lebanon? Or harness energy, as with the 2000 year old Baghdad Batteries? Electricity and megalithic structures when we were just exiting caves? How can this be?

Title: Chariots of the gods
Year: 1970 (US release 1972)
Format: DVD
Running time: 90 minutes
Rated: G
Price: $7.95

PS: When you are done watching this movie, there's a great companion book that challenges Von Daniken's Alien assumptions titled Secrets of the Lost Races.

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