Texas Tracks and Artifacts

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What happens if you find a modern human foot print in "old" rock? If the Earth is 4 billion years old and man millions of years old, then this type of fossil is not a very welcome find IF after careful analysis it proves to be true. You have one of two choices then:

1.) Modern man is much older than we have first thought.
2.) Our dating techniques are incorrect. Rock and "old" looking strata can form quickly or at least more recently that previously thought.

Authors Helfinstine and Roth have done a reasonable job of hunting down dozens of human track and artifacts that appear to compress the geological time table most scientists are holden to.
This book contains scores of color photos of actual human fossilized foot prints, detailed analysis, an anomalous human tooth, giant animal paw prints and dinosaurs depicted in art created several hundred years before dinos were known by humans. Could the unthinkable be the key to unlocking this mystery that somehow humans and dinosaurs co-existed? These is plenty in this book to challenge and keep you thinking for sometime.

Title: Texas Tracks and Artifacts
Author: Robert Helfinstine and Jerry Roth
Year: 2007
Size: 7” x 10”
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 135
Price: $9.00
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