Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed - DVD

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Why are professors and teachers being "expelled" from their given profession just for publishing or discussing two words, "Intelligent Design"?

Ben Stein, from Ben Stein's Money, does something few do, he takes up a subject matter he is not an expert in, and in this case, it's to discover why Academics are so angry? Why are they taking such strong measures to eliminate an alternate theory? Especially in an environment noted for its free thinking and expression?

This full length documentary is worth a look. It's that good, really! So much so you'll want your family and friends to see what all the controversy is about and to try, with Mr. Stein, to understand better this debate and not get "expelled"

Title: Expelled: NO Intelligence Allowed
Year: 2008
Format: DVD
Running time: 95 minutes
Rated: PG
Price: $9.95

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