Lone Star Mastodon Fossil Replica

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The Lone Star Mastodon is the World’s Largest four - tusked mastodon known. It has two large tusks in it's head and two in it's jaws, four tusks in all!

Discovered by construction workers in a Texas gravel bed in early 2000’s. From there the skull underwent a painstaking 18 month restoration process. First removing the stone matrix from the stone fossilized skull all with a tiny grinding wheel of a Dremel tool.

Next a latex rubber mold was made, which gives extremely fine detail. The plaster mother molds, that hold the rubber mold sections in place, are made of plaster and burlap. This is done with tremendous difficulty due to it’s size and weight.
After an artist finalizes the paint and finish, the final product is so realistic, people ask all the time, "Is it REAL!"

Who says fossils are Only for museums? Think about what kind of colossal word of mouth this behemoth can generate for any venue. Can you hear the locals say, ”Hey Joe, you gotta go to that hardware store on 5th street. They have this gigantic elephant thingy in their front window. The owner told me that at one time it stood 13ft. tall!” Remember this is not just a big replica of any Mastodon. It’s the World's Largest 4-Tusk Skull Ever Found!

The skull and tusks when placed on it’s display stand reach about 5.5 feet from floor to top of skull. The tusks are 5 foot in length and the head is 48" x 36" x 40”. The total length including tusks is 7-8 feet long and 3.5' wide at the base.

Weight including custom 3.5 x 5 foot rollable stand is 500 lbs. Should you decide to rope off an area, so to protect the display from curious hands, you’ll need about 8ft. by 12 ft.

Stand out in the crowd, become a destination, establish this icon as your mascot and people will never forget you. Invite the local press for an unveiling. It will be the talk of the town and the best use of marketing resources you’ve ever invested in.

Lone Star Mastodon
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