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The Invitation
(Various Sizes Available)

Elfred Lee’s The Invitation is a thoughtful piece, full of inspired symbolism.

In 1969 Elfred Lee scaled the mountain of Ararat in search of Noah’s Ark. The experience was profound as told by Lee. Lee also conducted several interviews with credible eye-witnesses who claimed to have seen and stood on Noah’s Ark. Elfred Lee went to work in 2001 to create a masterpiece with historical accuracy, symbolism and a beautiful explosion of color and design.

Printed using the lithograph reproduction process on paper, this is a limited edition of The Invitation. Artist Elfred Lee numbered and hand signed each of these Limited Edition prints.

5000 prints in the 17″ x 34″ edition are available, and when these 5000 are sold out there will not be any new prints made! Also available in digital format!

You can purchase your very own unique, attention-getting, and conversation-starting snap shot of a pivotal moment in time, just before the world-wide flood!

Who will listen to Noah, and accept the final call and the invitation?

Title: The Invitation
Artist: Elfred Lee
Year: 2004

Artist Elfred Lee on one of the many pieces of thoughtful symbolism within the painting: “Notice Noah’s shadow?”, Lee said. “It’s the shadow of a cross.” Lee added, “Noah was a carpenter, so was Christ, Noah made a way of salvation for the people, so did Christ.”  Profound and there’s more…so much more.

Read more about John’s experience meeting Elfred when he revealed The Invitation in New York.

Learn more about Lee and his inspiration in this Adventist News Article.

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