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Secrets of the Ica Stones and Nazca Lines

While Evolutionism teaches that humans and dinosaurs lived millions of years apart, a considerable body of evidence supports the Biblical account of humans and dinosaurs coexisting.

Not only does it seem humans and dinosaurs coexisted, but they interacted with each other!

Some evidence suggests that humans and modern day dinosaurs may still be interacting today in certain parts of the world, like the African Congo.

From the leading authority on dinosaurs and man living together, this new book compiles the latest research on the Peruvian Ica Stones and the Nazca Lines. Both anomalies indicate a technologically advanced civilization that discovered the secrets of flight and possibly rode on the backs of dinosaurs thousands of years ago.

An excerpt from the dinosaurs and man website on the Peruvian Ica Stones:

“Stones such as this one depict dinosaurs with incredible accuracy. The details of the skin and dermal spines reinforce the fact that the artisans must have seen real live dinosaurs. These stones pre-date many modern discoveries by scientists such as details like dermal spines and patterns on dinosaur skin, yet they depict these details with amazing accuracy.”

Over twenty years of research in various parts of the world, has resulted in Dr. Dennis Swift’s new book The Secrets of the Ica Stones and Nazca Lines.

With this book as a guide, you’ll be able to carefully consider the evidence and judge for yourself.

Title: Secrets of the Ica Stones and Nazca Lines
Author: Dr. Dennis Swift
Year: 2006
Size: 6” x 9”
Binding: Softcover
Pages: 144 with 19 color pages

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