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This shirt asks a fundamental question regarding our origins:
Where did we come from?
Is the answer “Apes, Aliens or Adam?”

WARNING: Wearing this T-shirt out in public can create strong reactions.
Title: Apes, Aliens, or Adam? T-shirt
Material: 100% Cotton


It’s a question about our origins! Each of these choices represents a philosophy about our origins.


– that represents the theory of “Evolution.” This is not a perfect representation. Evolutionists will say that we came from a “common ancestor,” an “ape-like creature.” What is Evolution? It’s the idea that life as we know it evolved through environmental pressure and natural selection from the first tiny lifeform to the diversity of lifeforms that we have on the planet today.


– With “apes” and “aliens” you have the same original conundrum of where did aliens come from, of course. If we set that aside, this part of the question is really “what role did someone from outside our solar system (for example) have to do with human evolution?” This question pre-supposes that aliens do exist and that their technology is more advanced than ours.


– Adam represents “creationism” and there are a few different flavors of creationism.The most popular is the young earth creationists which posit that we were created 6,000 – 10,000 years ago by God, that Adam and Eve were real people that lived here on planet Earth and that there was a world-wide flood, etc.

Listen to a full podcast about the origin of the “Apes, Aliens, or Adam” on the Lost World Museum Podcast on Anchor Fm.

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Lost World Museum is dedicated to providing high quality products that will be a treasured addition to your wardrobe and withstand the wear and tear of being in regular rotation so you can spark a lively conversation any time! Apes, Aliens, or Adam? Where did you come from? Did you come from an ape-like creature three million years ago? Did you come from the genetic meddling of aliens thirty five thousand years ago or did you come from Adam and Eve six thousand years ago? Invite your friends to learn  more at the Lost World Museum!

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