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David Benson
Giants Against Evolution Digital

My copy did not come through. No email with download key sent to [****] card ending 2665

Guthrey Hamm

Giants Against Evolution (Digital)

Giants Against Evolution (Digital)

Giants Against Evolution by Joe Taylor

Joe Taylor has labored in the field for decades digging a variety of plant, animal and dinosaur fossils.

As a paleontologist, he observes the evidence in a light many reject. The evolutionary side of science has its own world-view that sees the same rock layers and fossils Mr. Taylor does, but from a Naturalistic POV. Joe sees it from a Creationist viewpoint. 

While collecting and molding fossils in the field, Taylor has seen many usual and occasionally unusual bones in sedimentary layers that don’t make sense. For instance, the 3 toed horse is said to have evolved to our modern single toed horse over millions of years. But Joe found single toe and 3-toed horse hoofs IN THE SAME LAYER of strata.  Which means Joe has observed a set of fossils that go against the theory of Evolution!

In his book, Giants Against Evolution, Joe believes the evidence for giantism including examples of giant plants, bugs, mammals, sea creatures and even humans proves the Genesis account and disproves Evolution. Whether it does or not is up to the reader. However, what you will find is an incredible journey into an area of Paleontology that few would collect, collate and present in quite this fashion. The reason is when considering giantism as a whole, it may ultimately lead to the conclusion that Creationism is the most plausible world-view, explaining who we are and how we got here. And that, to Evolutionists, is unthinkable. 

Giants Against Evolution
By Joe Taylor (Paleontologist)
Owner of the Mount Blanco Fossil Museum
Pages: 209
Year: 2021
Format: Downloadable Digital PDF
Style: Color and Black and White
Price: $22.00


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