Cy Kitten Postcards

If you’re looking for a unique set of postcards, look no further!

The saga of the one-eyed kitten affectionally known as the Cy Kitten begins in Redmond Oregon.

Born in the winter of 2005 to normal “rag doll” cat parents. There was a genetic defect or mutation with Cy was not kind to this kitty, because it was born with one eye.
The kitten lived for 2 days, which is very rare.
The owner took the only 3 photos of the poor feline while living.

There is a bright side to this story. The museum gave Cy a home after passing for many years. During that time many people were helped by CY’s sad condition by calling into question “Are there examples of positive mutations?” This is something evolution requires to affect the evolutionary process of “monkey” to man. Problem is, like CY, mutations are typically bad.

The 3 card pack of postcards not only tells her fascinating story but questions Evolution’s use of “positive” mutations.

This 3 part story is told on the back of each of the 3 photos taken of CY.
We are including 3 sets or 9 cards total in each order so you can share with friends and family.

Each order includes:
9 “Cy” Kitten Postcards
3 of each of the 3 designs
Size: 6″ x 9″


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