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Car Window Decal,
Static Sticker

The Apes, Aliens or Adam car window decal/static sticker was designed to elicit attention, with immediate understanding of that this is an origins question. In addition to this, it creates an environment for conversation and critical thinking. Furthermore, people today are distracted with a plethora of messages from all the advertisements and social media around us. As a result, this question of origins helps bring some back to the question to reevaluate their answer. Meaning this message has the potential to change a life, for the better.

You can place this sticker on windows, car bumpers, lap tops, mail boxes, doors, car windows, water bottles, mirrors, book covers, refrigerators, luggage, trunks, frisbees, sports helmets, bicycles, tool boxes, lunch boxes, skateboards, snowboards, drums, guitars, buckets, garden pots, or any other location of your choosing! This is a very versatile product with an array of possible uses!

Size:  7″x 5″
Color: Black or White

1 Pack: $12.95
2 Pack: $19.95
3 Pack: $27.95

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International Customers: Please visit us on Etsy!


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International Customers please visit us on Etsy! 

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