Adams Time Chart (Deluxe)

What is the Adam’s Time Chart?
Created by Sebastian C. Adams in 1871, it contains the history of the world beginning in 4004 B.C. to the present age (1871 A.D.)
What’s special about the “Ultimate Edition”?
Although we do sell a modestly priced paper version, however the Ultimate Edition is more a work of art than a poster. Here’s how it all works.
First we hunted and purchased an 1871 original Adams time chart which was in excellent condition.  In 2020 it was sent to a top art reproduction company who had printed for art notables such as Thomas Kinkade.
Second the original 1871 chart was placed before a huge MegaByte camera to capture the chart in a digital image.  Then painstakingly, meticulously, every square millimeter was gone over, restoring and fixing all imperfections.
What resulted was an art-worthy image.
We then pass this massive 1 gigabyte file into a Giclee printer. This inkjet monster, when fed a proper image, will reproduce art on various mediums to appear exactly like the original.
Mr. Adams would be proud of this immaculate reproduction of his Victorian original.
But wait…there’s more…
The incredible content printed on this chart, that stretches many feet, begins with our Earth’s first parents, Adam and Eve in 4004 B.C.
Next follow the biblical time table of early human history, with a quick stopover of Noah’s Flood before launching to memorable events, biblical prophecy, land marks of historical importance, infamous leaders and secular monuments along its nearly 6,000 years of human history, chronicled from 4004B.C. to 1871 A.D.
Gaze in to this immersive, colorful chart and get lost in time. Chock full of information that is rarely if ever taught in one comprehensive visual.
Great for history buffs, artwork to decorate walls, in offices, museums, churches, temples, amusement parks, production studios or just a great visual aid for study time and a compelling conversation piece that will certainly create curiosity.
*Note* Each computer monitor is calibrated differently, therefore colors of the images here may vary from monitor to monitor.
When completed the product will be delivered to the customer rolled and in a protective tube.


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