About Us

The Lost World Museum is owned and operated by John and Christen Adolfi of Phoenix, N.Y.

We believe that the Creation vs. Evolution discussion is far from over with a clear champion.
Therefore the purpose of the museum is to compare and contrast given artifacts within the context of the 3 competing philosophies, and allow each to interpret the item through their own particular  “lens” or bias and conclude with their explanation.

The 3 philosophies we will be comparing and contrasting are as follows:

Apes: Did we come from a monkey-like creature 3,000,000 years ago?

Aliens: Is the advanced technology of the ancients compelling enough evidence to suggest outside intervention by alien visitors who “helped” our civilization along tens of thousands of years ago?

Adam: Does our human origins begin with a first set of parents created tall, intelligent and long lived?

With in these 3 paradigms we can have an open and honest discussion on the origins topic without ridicule, bias or exclusion, which you find in many academic circles.

Join us as we tackle one of life’s most important questions: Where did we come from?