Noah’s Ark ((FOUND)) by the Chinese?

The purported discovery of the remains of Noah’s ark have surfaced once again and a Chinese Christian Ministry exploring the region of Mount Ararat, Turkey since 2004 believes they have found petrified wood that maybe Noah’s Ark.

Soon after this announcement photographic evidence surfaced showing the Chinese supposedly sitting inside a wood beam room alleging that is was ark and too photos of the Arks brown wood exterior.

Fast forward May 1st 2018. We believe since the original announcement 14 years ago there has been nothing to support such a claim. We are not sure if the group staged this for more donations or if someone in the Ararat region set up an elaborate money making prank. Either way the Ark has not been discovered.

What lead up to this discovery was truly amazing. And chronicled in the rare, Chinese import titled Days of Noah. Shortly after this was released the “discovery of Noah’s Ark was announced. This 2 hours DVD is incredible. You’ll see rare footage and a telling of the Noah’s Ark hunt like no other.

We will report on this matter with future updates. 

One Response to “Noah’s Ark ((FOUND)) by the Chinese?”

  1. dwills1 Says:

    Well, no offense to anyone, but it seems like this expedition could have come up with better than a dozen unspecified photographs and zoom feature, if they’ve found something on the mountain. How about a picture from inside the cave? How about some results from the laboratory?

    This video will in no way convince the unbeliever, and will serve to aggravate believers. We can do better than that, folks.